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Random Technical Babble and My daily rants :-)

Instant Photography

Dipping my toes into instant photography. I managed to get a hold of a second hand Polaroid OneStep 2 for dirt cheap. I am excited to see how it works out.

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Long time

It has been a while since my last post. Hell sometimes I often find hard to find a subject to write about. Is this a blog or more of a public version of a personal diary. Haha I am laughing to my self. Are we all simply looking for attention when we post things or is it simply to let our ideas and thoughts out. There is somewhat of a relaxing feeling I get when I can simply vent some of my ideas out to the world. I have never been one to post my feelings nor am I one of those complainers about every little thing. The world is constantly evolving I know so I will try to adapt as best I can. Lots of new voices on the air lately. Some older familiar ones as well. I heard some have become silent keys as well. While this is saddening I guess we will all have our time. Why am I writing this? I have not a clue. Just felt like posting something even if its nothing more that a random blurb.

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Slow Scan TelevisionSSTV

Hmm so my curiosity is back about an old mode that I literally gave up on years ago when I was first exploring ham radio. I had found some recent videos on youtube that other amateur radio operators have posted. I am glad for their successes. Unfortunately I have not been so lucky to find and receive active SSTV transmissions. Timing is everything I suppose. I don't hear much discussion about it and well. I know had I kept searching and followed the newly found websites. (New to me that is) I probably would have had much more luck. I wonder if there are any clubs out by me that share this interest. I would love to venture into ATV. But so far my searches have not turned up any local groups doing this.

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Funny I look back at previous posts as a reminder the promises I made to my self. I realize. Once again how easy it is to forget them. Life, we blame life for causing our distractions and while this might be true for allot of issues that pop up in life. Sometimes I can bring up my own dramas. Why is that? Is the mind preprogramed do this? Hmmm I must ground my self and stay focused on my goals this year. It never too late! Life is wonderful despite the hustle and bustle of it all. No drama just life 🙂 OK now lets see how long before I forget this now. Haha 🙂

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Building more confidence

I will watch my posture more and make sure to have a more assertive abd confident approach both in my stance and abilibities. I realize that this may sound a bit arrogant but I know it is not intended that way. I just feel that I allowed my self sometimes to let some fears get in my way and will this was and still is rather counter productive. I am learning from many around me. From failures can come success. It is how one (me) views those failures. Do I simply throw in the towel because something did not go as planned or do I review it and see where my error was. Also own it, not blame a technology or hide behind some other wall to escape the embarrisment of such failure especially when it truly was my fault. I am embracing my self more and more. I want to catch my self before I end up sliding down into the pool of negativity that surrounds me. I found how easy it is to loose focus on my original goals and fall into the complain trap of those that surround me. Both loved ones and collegues. It is not that they as a person are bad. Perhaps they lost something and maybe they need to find it back. All I know is that I need to remain focused before I end up crashing and burning in my own self pitty. This I can not allow. Life is just too full of wonderful things in a world that is full of issues already. There is a gem in all this. I just need to find my own. …… and I will! Happy hump day New York! 

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Finally going all Linux :-)

Not that MS or apple are bad. I just find my self in a more comforable environment. For some reason Wondows 10 seems slow on the same hardware Ubuntu 16.04 LTS flies. Everything I need is just there. While I love Apple the price point is jut way up there for the hardware. But this is my little ramble more that a comparison or reason. More of a blurt that anything important 🙃.  Perhaps it is more of the Nastolgic feeling I get when I see the terminal window. Maybe it is the fact that I can easily boot linux from a various types of media for free. I know that Mac OS offers this but one has to own a compatible mac. Where for the most part I was able to boot Ubuntu from a USB key on two totaly different model machines. Also boot in live mode with out affecting the installed hard disk.  Now only if the main stream application big boys would create versions that would run on Linux that would be awesome. But I guess that will not happen soon unless Linux becomes popular perhaps ? 🙂 

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How easy it is to forget.

Have you ever made promises to your self only to let time pass and forget all about them. 

As I look at some of my older posts. I see that somehow I have managed to do just that!

Should I blame life or my self?

How did I get to this level of forgeting? I know things happen, schedules change as well as any premade plans. But how to keep those little self made promises to my self while still keeping up with the fast changing world around me. 🤔

I will not give up! I can’t and I wont……

My self rant …….

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Circuit simulation program

I am in search of a circuit simulation program that will allow me to buld build and test cirsuits in a virtual environment. I purchased iCircuit from the Appstore but I I do no see a way to measure resistance within a circuit. Example if I connect to 100 ohm resisters in paralell. Another this is a way to change the power rating of a component. I guess iCircuit is more of a training app? I wonder if Designsofts ‘Tina’ will allow these options.

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Happy belated New Year New York :-)

Another year as everyone would mutter around this time. Another Year indeed, I thank god for my health and each day that I am granted.

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Inner peace

Finding true inner peace, this is my goal. 

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