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Remembering my goals

I while ago, infact severl years ago I made a list of goals. In this list I also included a list of promises to my self. Of which upon finding this list by chance while looking for something else within the digital mess that I have created. Think equivalent of a messey file cabinet which surprised me, as I am usually good with filing such things. Back to the list! So As I re-read this list. I realized just how much I veared off the path that I intended to follow. I blame my self as I am the one to blame. Somewhere along the line and I wontuse  the old cliche of “life got in the way”. In fact it hasn’t I simply forgot my goalsin which  I had set for my self. Funny after speaking with many others on this very subject. They too admitted to such things as setting goals, starting out trying to meet those goals. But as time went on simply forgeting or putting those goals to the side. I am glad I wrote these objectives down. As focus of these objective has not changed. At least for me and my life. Hopefully they wont as I know this is extremely possible. Was is a subconscious fear of actually accomplishing such goals? Or was it simply being lazy? Was I really that bisy to loose focus with what I was trying to achieve in the first place? Interesting……

Now more than ever I find it more easier to leave a trail of ones past and wishes in this digital world we live in and this is just scratching surface. With technology growing and changing at a rapid rate. Who knows what the future will bring. I may need to tweak this list a little bit. 🙂

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