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Building more confidence

I will watch my posture more and make sure to have a more assertive abd confident approach both in my stance and abilibities. I realize that this may sound a bit arrogant but I know it is not intended that way. I just feel that I allowed my self sometimes to let some fears get in my way and will this was and still is rather counter productive. I am learning from many around me. From failures can come success. It is how one (me) views those failures. Do I simply throw in the towel because something did not go as planned or do I review it and see where my error was. Also own it, not blame a technology or hide behind some other wall to escape the embarrisment of such failure especially when it truly was my fault. I am embracing my self more and more. I want to catch my self before I end up sliding down into the pool of negativity that surrounds me. I found how easy it is to loose focus on my original goals and fall into the complain trap of those that surround me. Both loved ones and collegues. It is not that they as a person are bad. Perhaps they lost something and maybe they need to find it back. All I know is that I need to remain focused before I end up crashing and burning in my own self pitty. This I can not allow. Life is just too full of wonderful things in a world that is full of issues already. There is a gem in all this. I just need to find my own. …… and I will! Happy hump day New York! 

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