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I make this promise to my self now that I will not become stagnant. As life passes me by I see that it is a wonderful experience as long as I make it so. If I allow myself to be complacent and fall into a daily rut. Then shame on me, I came across many articles on this very subject.  I know I write the pages of each day in my life. It is up to me to decide how each chapter unfolds. Dispite any wierdness that life may toss at me. 

Now to find that courage and make things happen. Everything is talk and dreams until action is taken.

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Remembering my goals

I while ago, infact severl years ago I made a list of goals. In this list I also included a list of promises to my self. Of which upon finding this list by chance while looking for something else within the digital mess that I have created. Think equivalent of a messey file cabinet which surprised me, as I am usually good with filing such things. Back to the list! So As I re-read this list. I realized just how much I veared off the path that I intended to follow. I blame my self as I am the one to blame. Somewhere along the line and I wontuse  the old cliche of “life got in the way”. In fact it hasn’t I simply forgot my goalsin which  I had set for my self. Funny after speaking with many others on this very subject. They too admitted to such things as setting goals, starting out trying to meet those goals. But as time went on simply forgeting or putting those goals to the side. I am glad I wrote these objectives down. As focus of these objective has not changed. At least for me and my life. Hopefully they wont as I know this is extremely possible. Was is a subconscious fear of actually accomplishing such goals? Or was it simply being lazy? Was I really that bisy to loose focus with what I was trying to achieve in the first place? Interesting……

Now more than ever I find it more easier to leave a trail of ones past and wishes in this digital world we live in and this is just scratching surface. With technology growing and changing at a rapid rate. Who knows what the future will bring. I may need to tweak this list a little bit. 🙂

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Relying on others

Realization: Relying on others is the worst thing one can do especially when it comes to finding happiness. People often have their own issues to deal with. Last thing they need is someone adding to them. Also people change and are unreliable. Everyone wether they believe this or not goes those their ups and downs. This can affect their opinions greatly depending on this mood. 

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Finding Happiness 

I have been making the mistake of believing that others can provide me with happiness. Only to quickly learn that is not so. While it is true that certain individuals can bring joy into my life. I realized that this happiness has to come from within me! It is both selfish and burdensome to ask some one to bring you happiness when they themselves are dealing with their own issues. I like the fact that I am exporing myself and learning new things about myself. Things that I feel as I get older I need to change and strengthen upon. Maybe just simply outright change all together. I never thought I was perfect nor have I ever had that illusion of be so. I must laugh at myself because while for the most part I though I was content looking for happiness in things or people. I in manyways had it half right. The part that I was missing is the self happiness. The happiness that was always within me. Hmmmmmmmmmm it is time to get back intouch with that connection that I had when I was a child. Reconnect and become that explorer. :-).           Life is truly winderful and fear is mearly a tool that can be used to achieve great things!

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Windows 2011 Live Writer

Well I am happy to see that Windows Live Writer 2011 still functions after upgrading to Windows 10. I am generally pleased with how smooth the upgrade process was. I was under the impression that I would have experienced issues going from Windows 7 Professional 64 to Windows 10 Pro 64. I clenched as the processes when through its procedures and file copies etc. etc. The fear loomed even deeper as there was a prompt to reboot. But to my surprise I was eventually greeted with a new login prompt and alas Windows 10 was ready. While certain internet sites no longer work, I am still looking into this as it could simply be security settings and such. Everything so far was intact and my applications seem to just work. Weeeeooo Smile with tongue out

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Fear and Self Doupt

The greatest limitation I have encountered is my self. Any Doupt in my abilities will hinder my progress to move forward. 2016 will be a year that I will push a little harder. Stand a little taller and make many if not all my dreams a reality. 

I will not litter my thoughts with fantasies and unrealistic goals. But feed them with reality and approachable goals. I will slowly climb that latter and continue the search to find what it is that I am missing. When I do find whatever it is that is missing….. I will continue to search keeping my live open to new adventures!

The comfort zone is a wonderful thing to a point and yet the most dangerous thing and place to be in. Staying just close enough to the edge keeps one alive!

Facing ones fears is harder and so much easier to type and say out loud than it is to take on such action!

A change will happen.. A profound and great change! 🙂 

My New Years resolution…. Not to give up…. Not to look back….

But to embrace the future and pull forward.

When I really think about it …. What choice do I really have.

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Lovin Life

Happy Thankgiving New York……

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All good things

Sometimes a good thing must come to an end. But at the same time it opens up an opportunity for something fresh and new. I am learning that life is an experience and most journies are just as fun of not more fun than the actual destination. 

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Something wonderful is going to happen :-)

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The End of Summer

the end of another Summer has come, Autom is now ready to make a quick enterance and take a bow. The leaves in the trees are prepping for their next role. They will delight us with a magnificent show and display an array of brilliant colors. The air will cool to that of a light  sweater. The perfect intro for that dramatic performance that Old Man Winter patently awaits to perform!!

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